Today Warrington has a population of about 209,000. We have a thriving economy, a low unemployment rate and a high GVA, and we were ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK based on data for affordable housing, jobs, business, wellbeing, culture, transport and family life.Read More →

Manchester is a city in the West of England, the administrative center of the Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough. Manchester is the third largest city in England after London and Birmingham. The Manchester area was colonized by the Romans in 79 AD. Gnaeus Julius Agricola founded a fortification called Mamlutium. InRead More →

18th century and for nearly 300 years, until 1985 abbey would remain with the Harpa family, the number nine kettle stone hall. A palladian masterpiece, kettleston hall was designed in the 1760s by Robert adam at the start of his illustrious career, and is the seat of the Curzon family;Read More →

Liverpool is a city in the North West of England, located on the north side of the Mersey Estuary. The city is the administrative center of the county of Merseyside. Among Liverpool’s landmarks stand out the two great cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic. The Anglican Cathedral, by Giles Gilbert Scott, wasRead More →

Chester is one of Britain’s most beautiful old towns. If you’re sick of the madness of London but want to see old Britain, this city in the county of Cheshire is the place to be. On the other hand, on the southeast side of the wall are the Magic Steps,Read More →

Birmingham is the second largest city in England but is often underestimated by tourists who prefer other destinations in the country, incredibly when short on time. If you’re about to set foot in Birmingham for the first time or wondering if it’s worth a visit, check out some of theRead More →

During the house building booms from the early 1950s until the year 2000 Asbestos was used extensively in construction and building works. It is possible that if your property was built or modified between those years, there may be asbestos present. Although it is safe if undamaged but can poseRead More →