Complete construction of new electrical networks – from rough construction to turnkey in Liverpool. Eclectic services and construction of electrical installations for the city of Sofia. Repair, installation, connection of existing and construction of new electrical networks. Electrical networks in Liverpool Connection of standard electrical appliances such as washing machines,Read More →

LED lighting has quite a few advantages – light can be much more efficient, high reliability, low consumption, long life, and environmental cleanliness – these are just some of the features of this lighting. LED lighting in Derby LED lighting operate at 80-90% energy efficiency. They provide about 80% light andRead More →

Connection of freckles. Installation of Lighting – ice lighting, concealed lighting, and ice strips in Liverpool. Design and construction of LED energy-saving lighting. Incorporating lighting when assembling furniture. Installation of lighting on suspended ceilings. Installation of lighting fixtures and ice lighting in Liverpool Installation and connection of electrical appliances, ovens,Read More →

Installation and replacement of circuit breakers of different capacities from different manufacturers in Manchester. In older residential buildings, there are still electrical panels with ordinary fuses that should be replaced with automatic fuses. Installation of fault current protection shall be installed on three-wire electrical wiring only. Installation of switches andRead More →

Construction of electrical installations, Installation of external electrical facilities in apartments, houses, and offices in London. Electrical installations can be built in when cladding walls, and also in skirting boards when laying laminate or when laying Natural Three Layer Parquet. The construction of electrical installations is carried out in aRead More →

We offers asbestos surveys in the following formats: • Questionnaires for asbestos management • Asbestos re-inspection surveys • Surveys on renovation and demolition A competent observer must accomplish an asbestos management survey as well as an overall upkeep, repair, and destabilisation survey when a building is reconstructed, altered, or demolished.Read More →

Asbestos management includes conducting asbestos surveys to determine the presence of asbestos, its location, and the best ways to mitigate. Asbestos can be hazardous when used in commercial and industrial maintenance and operation. Asbestos Contaminated Material (ACM) test results and analysis are commonly included in such tests. These investigations, onRead More →